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David Campos, kizomba instructor, Dj and a promoter, is French/Portuguese, he comes from Paris, France where he has been trained. He is one of the pioneers of Kizomba in the US and teach more than 8 classes every week since 2010. Since then he spread his love and knowledge for kizomba mainly in New York, New Jersey Connecticut, but also across the US & foreign countries throughout different Festival, congresses and workshops (New York, Washington D.C, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Hartford, New Haven, Atlanta, Montreal, Edmonton (Canada), Cancun, Paris, San Francisco, New jersey, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Charlotte, Boston…). Of Franco-Portuguese descent, David is first and foremost impassioned by the stage, where he practiced for over 15 years as an actor and dancer, expanding his capacity for body language. Gradually this attention turned towards dance, mainly Latin, such as Salsa, but quickly focused his training towards  Kizomba and then Semba . For him the body is able to express as much emotion as the voice. Since then, he seeks to find in those two complementary disciplines a way to transmit and share them with MOVEMENT, PRECISION CONNECTION  & GRACE.

About us

Kizomba is one of the most popular genres of dance and music originating from Angola. It is a mix of the traditional Angolan Semba and Zouk or compas music  from the French Caribbean sung generally in Portuguese.


The influence of Angolan Kizomba is felt in most Portuguese-speaking African countries, but also Portugal, where communities of immigrants have established clubs centered on genre in a renewed kizomba style. Kizomba is now very popular spreading all over the world at a fast speed.

While they inspire and share their love for kizomba through kizomba classes, events, performances, private workshops and also several workshops at several Latin Dance Festivals, they also host several Kizomba parties in NYC.

Guida Rei was born and raised in Portugal. She moved to the USA in 2001 and she’s been teaching with David since 2011. Since an early age she was exposed to the african rhythms by her father, who lived in Angola for a little more than 2 years. She grew up with a constant presence of music and dancing in her home. All her life she was a participant in different group dances and theater and she would never miss a change to dance in local socials for the community. She was always passionate to participate in projects dance related. As she discovered the Angolan community in Portugal, Kizomba became a passion for her. Today she teaches with David several classes in different states, as well as in many different events such as dance festivals all over the world, private and public workshops, fundraisers, schools, dance parties and many more. They host several parties such as Kizomba Afterwork and Casa do Semba in New York City. Her goal is not just to teach but to make a difference in peoples lives. She danced and performed through out her pregnancy, being always passionate to inspire women. 



David and Guida inspire the feeling, passion and connection the Kizomba Dance brings to live in the moment and to Follow the Beat of your Heartwhere the perfect synergy between two dancers gives birth to harmony, exaltation of senses and sensuality. 

Congress, Festival and Workshops : 

- New York, USA 

International New york Salsa Festival

- Dallas, TX, USA 

Dallas Bachata Festival 

Houston, TX, USA -Workshops, bootcamp 

- Washington D.C , USA - DCbachata kizomba Festival

- Philadelphia, USA  Workshops 

- New York, NY - Afro-creole Mayem Kizomba festival

- New jersey, USA - USAbachatakizomba festival

- Atlanta, USA - Hotlanta salsa congress 

- Montreal, Canada - The unity Congress 

- Cancun, Mexico  - Mayan salsa Casino Festival

- Charlotte - International salsa invitational

- Paris, France  - Workshops 

- San Franciso, CA - International SF Kizomba festival​

- Fort Lauderdale, FL -  workshops

- Paris, France -Paris Kizomba congress 

- Boston, USA - Intll Boston Brazilian dance festival

- San Francisco, CA - ISEMBA, Bachata SF Festival

- Harrisburg, PA -Workshops

- New Haven, CT - Workshops

- Hartford, CT - Workshops

- Philadelphia/ S.Jersey - workshops

- Edmonton, Canada (Workshops)

- Cleveland, Ohio (Workshops)

- Washington DC (kizomba summit, DC Bachata/kizomba Festival)

- Boston, MA (Boston Brazillian Festival)

- Maryland (workshops)

- Delaware (workshops)

- Queen City Kizomba fest ( Charlotte)

- New York ( NY Salsa fest, Fall for zouk)

- Monthly workshops: 

New Haven, Startford, Philadelphia, 

- Washington DC (kizomba summit, DC Bachata/kizomba Festival)

- DC Zouk festival

- New jersey ( Usa Kizomba bachata Festival, & New Jersey Salsa Festival)

- Boston, MA (Boston Brazillian Festival)

- Portugal, Setubal, Lisbon

- Minneapolis (weekender)

- New York salsa Congress

-New york zouk Festival

- Queen City Kiz Festival, Charlotte NC

- Interfusion Festival,DC

- NY kizomba Festival

- NJ Kizomba/zouk Summer Festival

- Montreal is kizomba

- NY Interational Salsa Festival

- Baltimore SBK

- Atlanta Dream Festival

- Cinncinatti, OH Weekender

- Atlanta Weekender

- Baltimore Congress 

- New jersey Bachata Festival

- New York Salsa festival

- Orlando weekender

- Atlanta Kizomba Congress




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