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Kizomba & Semba Classes in Jersey City, NJ

What 's your Level ? 

Level 1 ( Foundation part 1) 

Kizomba/Semba Fundamental, leading & following technics, position, connection,basic steps, basic turns, basic saidas (exit), basic passadas.


Level 2 (Foundation part 2 -  Level 1 Mandatory)

Combinations fundamentals, Intermediates patterns,  leading and following technics (inter), musicality (Part 1 - difference between the different styles), basic styling, body movement, saidas and passadas intermediates, 


Specialty Class - Urban Kiz / Semba / Tarraxinha  (open to level 2 and Up)

Advance patterns, Musicalty (Part 2 - How to listen the music, understand its structure, and dance accordingly), Styling Woman & Men, tricks & leaning, advance turns, saidas & passads, Creativity, Choregraphy

Kizomba Lv1 - 11am

Kizomba Lv2 - 12pm

Specialty Class - 1pm 

(Semba / Urban Kiz / Tarraxinha )


+ 1H free Practice at 2pm

New cycle starting :


Saturday Oct 7th 2017  



No Admission after the week 2

(Must wait for the next Cycle)

Location : 

Caribbean Soul

Dance school

682 Summit Avenue,

Jersey City, 07306, NJ

Full Cycle 1 class/week

(8 classes)


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Full Cycle 2 class/week

(16 classes)


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(Only Specialty Class)


(open only for level 2 and up)

Payment at the door

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